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We all love online shopping. Who wouldn’t want to purchase cute cloths while sitting on the couch in sweat pants and glass of wine in hand? A major draw back to one of our favorite past times is the daunting fear– what if you don’t love it in person, what if it doesn’t fit in with your wardrobe, or just plain doesn’t fit?

Shoes can be especially tricky, because women feet come in all shapes and sizes too. Kate Spade and True Fit have the solution to your online shopping woes.

The designer’s website recently incorporated the True Fit tool. The fitting tool can be found on the websites for Macy’s, Nordstorms, and Lord & Taylor. True Fit is used by over 35 brands and Yahoo reports that these brands see a 7.6% increase in online sales after incorporating the tool. Kate Spade hopes to enhance customer satisfaction. Mary Beech, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of Kate Spade & Company stated “We view the kate spade new york eCommerce site as our ultimate global flagship and we are always refining our approach to offer the best customer experience[.]”

True Fit is happy to be a partner with Kate Spade too.  Co-founder Jessica Murphy stated “True Fit is thrilled to offer shoppers a unique experience that motivates discovery, increases confidence, and builds on exceptional growth at each and every consumer touch point.”

True Fit was launched in 2010 and is here to assist in the online shopping processes, since it’s not as personal as in-store and all you really have to make your final decision is a picture and maybe some reviews. According to Footwear News the tool uses three sources to help find the perfect shoes and cloths, “Product specs from more than 2,000 brands; transaction info about sales and returns; and customer feedback from its more than 7 million users.”

So how does True Fit work? It’s simple, you just answer questions about your own style and body type. Then it will suggest the best styles and pieces offered from that website for you.

What are you waiting for? Go find your true fit.

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