Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Conditions to Collaborate

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are enemies. They have twitter battles and the like. So earlier this week a fan asked Katy Perry if she would ever consider collaborating with her foe. Yes, that foe would be Taylor Swift. So what was Katy Perry’s answer?

Well to be blunt, Katy Perry basically stated if Swift apologized then sure. This could be a breakthrough in their relationship. The two have seemingly been battling each other for a few years now. Everything seemed to start when Swift accused another pop star of hiring her back up dancers. Ever since then it has been a drama-filled road for both stars.

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Of course, no real blood has been drawn in any of the feuds. Each battle has basically consisted of one celebrity jabbing at the other. This is all done pretty indirectly as well. Therefore, are the two really talking at one another? The general public has decided that the answer must be yes.

Katy Perry was even mentioned in the split between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. Perry was mentioned in a tweet by Harris. Harris was referring to Swift as trying to bury him like Katy Perry. This was due to Taylor Swift publicly trying to take credit for the song “This is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna. It was a huge hit so maybe Taylor Swift just wanted in on the credit?

No one really knows for sure why Swift made this knowledge known. Either way Taylor Swift has not responded to anything at this point. Time can only tell what she will do or say. After all, it appears shade is thrown almost 24/7 in the celebrity world. This is of course due to the market of the business.

One person wants to look better than the other so they put the other down. Not to mention the media goes wild over feuds in between friends. A similar example would be between Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Though the two have been on and off friends throughout their careers. Yet Taylor Swift and Katy Perry never really seem to pick up any point of friendship.

The two never really ever appeared to be close friends. Yet at one time they were civil to one another. When Swift mentioned the celebrity supposedly stealing dancers in an interview with the Rolling Stones was when it all fell apart. Yet again, neither person has addressed the other by name. Though it is highly unlikely the two may not even be fighting with one another.

Though this theory really is doubtful. The two stars also dated the same guy, John Mayer. Taylor Swift dated him before Katy Perry did. So perhaps things were said in between Mayer and Perry. This could have fueled anger between the two against Taylor Swift.

All in all the comments and twitter battles relate to drama. Not to mention it gives both of them fame either way. Of course one would think they would be trying for positive fame. Yet a different theory is that the whole Katy and Taylor and vice versa is all an act. Popularity and fame, even from drama, is one way to get more attention.

Taylor Swift has yet to respond to the collaboration comment. Though with both of them being extremely talented, the song would most likely be a hit. Not to mention the two enemies coming together in friendship is not a bad publicity statement either. Maybe an album awaits the pop world in the distant future. The public might just have to wait and see.

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