Keeping You Healthy This Summer

Summer time for women inevitably means two things. What bathing suit will make me look skinnier, and how do I actually get skinnier? Of course, starving yourself works for about a day until you end up bingeing on ice cream at 1 am. A more reasonable plan for keeping in shape this summer would involve eating relatively healthy and getting regular exercise. We know, easier said than done. Good thing, we’re on your side and can give you the workout moves and health tips for a toned, healthy body to face that dreaded bikini.

  1. Glamour has your back for 8 workout moves, giving you a toned body in two weekssquat-and-press-workout-move-w724
  2. For a healthier smoothie, check out Buzzfeed’s 8 healthy smoothies made with only three ingredients. Smoothies without too much sugar and made with fewer ingredients fill you up more than store-bought brands, and they’ll give you more energy so you’ll eat less.enhanced-buzz-29773-1364315011-13
  3. Flaxseed and Coconut Oil are your new best friends. These two super foods may not look like much, but they have all the best fats for your body, including essential Omega-3’s and essential fatty acids. Those who eat a lot of coconut are some of the healthiest people in the world, and coconut oil increases your energy expenditure, which actually helps you burn more fat.keep healthy summer3--styleft
  4. Avoid consuming unnoticed calories in popular alcoholic drinks, like frozen margaritas. Those babies can pack up to five hundred calories per drink, and you’ll probably have more than one.keep healthy summer4--styleft
  5. Be wise around greasy cocktail party appetizers, and eat beforehand. You’ll be less likely to grab at the mini quiches when you’ve had a solid protein-packed snack before that glass or two of champagne. This goes for barbecue food as well.keep healthy summer5--styleft

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