Keeping Your Legs Smooth All Day Long


Smooth legs are a must for every woman. In the summertime, most women prefer wearing shorts and skirts with open-toe shoes since this is a great way to show off their beautiful legs.

However, shaving every day can be a chore and an irritant for some, especially those who have very sensitive skin. Shaving your legs can cause itchy rashes and burns, making you wonder if the results are even worth all the pain!…

If you’re looking for ways to keep your legs smooth throughout working hours or just as long as you go on about your daily routine, then there’s good news for you! There are now products that claim to provide 24/7 smoothness so you don’t have to worry about having to shave again during the day.

8 Ways on How to Have Smoother Legs Throughout the Day

1. Try Various Shaving Products.

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Using different shaving products can work well with your skin type and will surely give you better results than just using one kind of shaving cream or gel alone. Try using a new brand if your usual shave product is not giving you satisfactory results.

2. Exfoliate First Before Shaving

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Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, dirt, and any impurities that may cover your legs, which can cause skin problems like rashes and burns during and after shaving. It allows for smoother hair removal as well since hair follicles are way more open this way. Be sure to use an exfoliating scrub or pad, though, not something too abrasive, like a loofah or sponge, to avoid irritating your skin.

3. Trim long hair before shaving

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Before you shave, it’s advisable to trim the length of your leg hair first so that you can have an easier time removing them with just one stroke of the razor. However, cutting them shorter may cause some discomfort when shaving so be sure not to cut too short… If you want smooth legs 24/7 then trimming your hair in between shaves is still necessary.

4. Try Using a Sensitive Shaving Cream

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Using a shaving cream or gel specifically planned for sensitive skin will help protect your skin from getting irritated, since irritation is more likely to happen when using harsh products. Look for soothing ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera, or tea tree oil.… Also, be sure to use shaving products that are specifically designed for your skin type, like dry/sensitive or oily/acne-prone.

5. Shave in the Proper Direction

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Always shave along with the hair growth instead of against it to avoid cuts and nicks which can help with smoother legs all day long since you won’t have to worry about stubbly leg hair sticking out from your smooth legs.… However, this technique will not work well if you’re using a disposable razor, as they perform best when shaving against the grain. Also, consider switching to a better brand of a razor blade as some cheaper ones may cut too deep without even realizing it!

6. Rinse Off After Each Stroke

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After each shaving stroke, thoroughly rinse off your razor to avoid hair and skin build-up. Also, cleanse your skin after shaving for the same reason.… Rinsing with cold water will help close pores while removing any excess shaving cream or hairs, but if you’re in a hurry, then hot water is fine too. Just be sure to use an alcohol-free toner afterward to moisturize.

7. Moisturize Regularly

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Moisturizing after shaving lets your legs stay smooth all day long, so always remember to apply some lotion on them after every shave. It should go without saying, though, that you have to use unscented body lotions so as not to irritate sensitive areas.… Also, be sure to moisturize your legs after showering, especially if you bathe with hot water as the heat will make your pores open up and dry out.

8. Healthy Diet

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Keep a healthy diet. You should also include lean protein in your daily meals to help keep your skin looking smooth by decreasing breakouts or any other skin problems that may arise because of bad eating habits. This is especially true if you’re an avid swimmer!… Just don’t forget that there are unhealthy fats too like those found in fried food, so it pays to eat right for better-looking skin all day long!

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