As Men’s Fashion Week drew to a close in Paris, Kenzo wowed spectators with a joint women’s and men’s collection. Held on Sunday night, the show appeared at the end of a week that has certainly gotten much attention for its celebrity appearances, such as the likes of A$AP Rocky, Robert Pattinson, and Rhianna for one, the show took place amid much hype.

It came as no surprise then that designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim went heavy on the theatrics; flying in the Chicago-based Hypnotic Brass Ensemble to play throughout the show. The venue was decorated by what Leon calls “floral clouds”, which hung from the ceiling. Coupled with laser-beams, the clouds moved up and down during the show, creating an ethereal effect.

The Hollywood Reporter described the atmosphere as rave-like, and multiple famous guests were fairly impressed. Singer Jorja Smith can be quoted as saying “I’m not really sure what to expect.” Brice Butler, the wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, compared the fashion world to that of football, stating “I actually think fashion is a bit more intense. While we are both working with teams to develop ideas and work towards a common goal, fashion sometimes only has two tries; Fall and Spring. I get at least 16 tries each season.”

Kenzo certainly made a good play toward their goal, the colorful and interesting collection was reportedly based upon several tenants – Kindness, Balance, Unity, and Harmony. Bright colors and floral prints featured strongly in both the men’s and women’s collections. In fact, both collections seemed to be in tune with the supposed themes behind the show, as both the menswear and womenswear sought a sort of balance through transcending gender norms.

As Leon put it: “Feminine gowns inspired the men’s pants; suiting appeared in the women’s collection…It was about blurring the lines.”

Both collections made heavy use of nylons. Colors such as bright yellow, blue, and green featured strongly across looks. Menswear, in particular, was defined by flowing and billowy silhouettes, typically within a suit-like ensemble with wide-legged pants. As for the womens’ collection, the looks were more structured. Suit featured more than once, often in shades of khaki or plaid. Prints were also very prominent, such as in the case of an alligator trench coat.

Lim described the brand’s overall wish for these collections, stating “What we like is to create a moment in time, a memory you can take with you.”

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