Kesha Rose on Teen Vogue Cover


Pop singer Kesha Rose, 27, or as most know her as “Ke$ha”, has landed the cover of Teen Vogue for their Aug. 2014 issue. Kesha Rose showcases her new image on the cover, looking beautiful, clean, and healthy.

The singer’s former image as “Ke$ha”, a wild party girl, evidently needed to be adjusted after she entered rehab for two months. Kesha is now moving on from her past with a brand new style and attitude.

On Thurs., Jun. 26, Kesha tweeted, “I get my old school rock n roll vibes on and share how I took control of my life in my Aug @TeenVogue cover!!” Along with a picture of the magazine cover, she then added, “cover girl @TeenVogue!!”

It seems that Kesha has finally been tamed, but her new look is delightful. She showcases 1970s rock-inspired ensembles with tailored pants and sweet blouses in her spread.

Kesha opened up to Teen Vogue about her recent struggles, specifically about how she entered rehab six months ago to treat her eating disorder. The songstress was set for a 30 day stay in Jan., however, she extended her stay through Feb. and cancelled her tours in Mar. and Apr. Kesha stayed at Timberline Knolls outside Chicago. She commented on how people might have perceived her decision, stating, “People will make up stories, but I went to rehab for an eating disorder — nothing more and nothing less.”

via Teen Vogue
via Teen Vogue

Kesha also discussed how her impoverished upbringing in the South had made it difficult for her to keep up with fashion trends in the past. She says that high fashion was closed off to her because “it was so far out of my reach.” The pop singer further explained, “The insanity is not gone forever; it’s still there. I’ve only decided to wipe off all the face paint and try to wear beautiful dresses instead of completely insane things. I want to be more conscious of fashion because it’s an art form.”

Kesha Rose discussed how she now wants to look “pretty” instead of wearing outfits that simply grab the attention of the public. “I remember thinking, I don’t want to be pretty. Don’t call me pretty. If somebody called me that, it was almost offensive — I would put on more eyeliner or draw things down my face. There was a defining moment about six months ago — I think it was a breakup — where I decided that maybe I do want to try to be pretty — I want to just try.” Kesha said about her change of heart.

The pop artist is now working on her third studio album. She revealed that she penned 14 new songs while in rehab and then asserted that, “The whole process has made me so much stronger and ready to take my life by the horns and make a record that I’m going to be proud of and not care what anybody else thinks!” In Mar., Kesha changed her Twitter name from “@keshasuxx” to “@KeshaRose.” It seems that good things are on the horizon for Kesha Rose.

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