Well, beauty fans the makeup game is a-changing! Kim Kardashian has publicly come out and said contouring is dead. It’s now all about “non-touring” as she likes to call it, which is just a fancy way of saying “natural” looking makeup. However, don’t let the use of the word natural deceive you, it is still a full face of makeup! Kim is trying to wear less makeup but admits that she might keep contouring her nose. Old habits die hard!

Makeup artists the world over are rejoicing…well, maybe not all but a majority of us are, myself included! Why would MUAs be so happy about this? Well, simply put: Contouring was not designed for everyday wear. It originally started out being used as a stage makeup technique back in the 1500s, and was used to overemphasize certain features in order for audience members to be able to clearly see the expressions that the stage actors were making; so basically they wore a ton of makeup! Over the years not much has changed in terms of its continued use in the theatrical and dance world; albeit just the products have changed, no more chalk and soot, now we actually have contouring powders, creams, and bronzers!
Contouring requires a decent amount of makeup in order to give you chiseled cheekbones, a slimmer nose, or a smaller forehead; so it doesn’t look natural in the slightest. Therefore, when I have clients requesting a natural contour I chuckle to myself, sorry but I can’t help it. As an MUA I hear this all the time, and really natural contouring is an oxymoron in every sense of the word. Now, I am not saying that contouring can’t look beautiful it is just not going to look natural, hence why Kim K is using terms like non-touring and refers to her makeup predilections as being more natural now.

So if contouring is dead what else is there? Well, there is always strobing beauty fans, which I am obsessed with, and btw so is Kim K! Strobing is getting that glowing from within look without the use of chiseled contouring, think J Lo in 2016! If you want to know how to get that beautiful glow check out my series on how to achieve dewy/ glowing skin for your skin type as well as my pieces on highlighters and contouring!

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Weigh in time beauty fans, do you really think Kim K will start doing more natural makeup and forgo contouring; well everywhere but her nose at least? We shall see! Until then may the strobe be with you!

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