Energy drink brand Hype Energy USA recently released their short film for the company’s product starring celebrity ambassador Kim Kardashian West and to be quite honest, it’s pretty random. The head-scratching three-minute video starts with West glacially riding on a bike, channeling Audrey Hepburn in blunt bangs and all black. Kim suddenly falls off her bike and hits her head on the pavement below, sending her into a dream state.



The next scene cuts to the reality star as Marie Antoinette, corset, sky-high wig, powdered face and all. She daintily sips her Hype drink in a crystal glass, fanning herself on a chaise.


The end of the video shows a futuristic looking Kim in a metallic, cleavage-revealing body suit, her hair is braided in a spiral with two braids framing her face. She’s later seen doing what she does best — taking a selfie — in thigh-high lace-up boots, an oversized graphic tee and a baggy neutral-toned windbreaker.



Who really knows the message and meaning behind Hype Energy USA’s interesting sequence of events in this short film, but one thing that is for sure, Kim looks fantastic in just about any attire!

Photos by John Jansheski

What do you think of this ad: Abstract and entertaining or a total miss?

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