Kim Kardashian Testified About Paris Armed Robbery

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Kim Kardashian testified before a French judge Feb. 2, speaking about the armed robbery where she lost $5 million worth of jewelry, according to WWD. The hearing’s transcript came to light over the weekend, when Le Monde, a French news source, published it. The reality TV star spent a day testifying in New York before a French judge.

Kardashian said that she thought the robbers were terrorists and that they would kidnap her. She detailed how they came to her hotel room and then bound and gagged her. She was afraid that one of them would rape her, or that she and the hotel watchman the attackers brought captive with them would be killed.

Kardashian also said that she’d felt a sense of impending threat before she and husband Kanye West left for Paris. She’d been worried about leaving the U.S. because of the possibility of a terrorist attack. Each night they spent in Paris, she said, she prayed and gave thanks that they were safe.

The star also shared her suspicions about the robbery’s origins. She believes that it was inside work that included her driver, Michael Madar, WWD reported. Madar has worked for Kardashian for four years. His brother, Gary Madar, has been charged regarding the robbery. Kardashian’s suspicions come partly from an SMS text she said the brothers sent to her assistant. The text offered to provide transport for free, something Kardashian said she thought was odd because they had not made such an offer before.

So far there have been 10 people charged throughout the investigation of the robbery, which took place last year sometime during Oct. 2 or early Oct. 3. After the crime, Kardashian gave an initial report to French police but flew out of France afterward.

The whole experience left Kardashian with different impressions of the world, Paris and jewelry. She does not want to visit Paris again, she feels that the world isn’t a safe place anymore, and she no longer finds herself so fond of her jewels. She also said that nothing compares with returning to children and family.

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