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“I have nothing to wear”, says all women as we look through a closet filled with an abundance of clothes. Those five words have probably come out of your mouth more than you want to admit. Let’s face it, no matter how many times we go out and buy new clothes we always feel like it is never enough. And then what happens? We end up just getting frustrated and wearing the same exact outfit we always wear.

Everyone has their ‘go to outfit’ that we always just find a reason to wear for any occasion. Even with all the new untouched garments with the price tags still on, we always end up going to our classic pieces. Maybe this is your favorite white V-neck that matches with every pair of pants you own or your favorite black dress that you wear for every date just changing the necklace to match. Whatever piece it is, everyone has those one or two items that they seem to wear at least once a week.

Why do we do this? Because we know this outfit looks good on us. We know if all else fails, this ensemble always makes us feel good. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian have been seen falling into this habit. Yes, Kim Kardashian, the woman who probably owns more clothes than you and ten of your best friends combined. But Kim is more like you and me than you would think (I know shocking isn’t it). Well, Kim knows that when you find that right style that works for you and your body, why change it?

She has been seen numerous times latching on to a particular style that she continues to wear for a few months. Sometimes its spandex shorts and simple boots and others its giant sweats and Yeezy boots. Whatever it may be, Kim finds her winning look combination and sticks with it.

With her most recent appearance at the Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Sunday, it seems as if she has also found her signature red carpet ensemble. The gown she had on gave major flashbacks to the one she had worn for the Ocean’s 8 cameo she filmed back in January. It is no surprise though that the dresses possess such similar qualities since both gowns are from the Givenchy couture archives.

The dress that she wore for the awards presented all the design signatures we would expect to see in the ultimate Kim Kardashian dress. The dress featured a full sheer skirt, with taupe, high-rise garments worn under, and dense ornate 3D- embroidery throughout the torso. She also switched up her longer than life hair and went for a more modest shoulder length cut that was slicked back.

Kim’s friends posted pictures later that night that showed the celebrity fully enjoying herself in her ‘repeat outfit’. Even though other people seemed to have words to say about Kim wearing similar dresses, she did not seem to care. She had an amazing night and even was able to present an award to her husband.

Ever since the traumatic experience Kim went through in Paris, it is good to see her out finally having a good time. So if she doesn’t care if this dress has been done by her before, then why should anyone else? Maybe we shouldn’t follow exactly everything Kim does, but her fashion is something we can hop on the wagon for. She shows its okay to find your signature look you feel confident in and rock it. If it makes you feel good, then that is all that matter.

So next time you are wearing your favorite go to pieces and someone says “didn’t you just wear it”, all you have to do is respond with “Kim Kardashian repeats outfits, so why can’t I?”

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