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Emily Oberg will take the lead at Kith as the women’s creative head, according to Business of Fashion.

In 2011, Ronnie Fieg founded Kith, which has evolved into a successful streetwear retail business. Fieg said he selected 23-year-old Oberg because she could represent youth and authenticity and because the women’s line needed a viewpoint from someone whom the product was made for. Fieg, in turn, will be stepping down from responsibilities in creative for the women’s line.

Oberg recently left Complex, where she was a news anchor with a large social media following. She carries more than 200,000 Instagram followers. A native Canadian, Oberg started as a stylist at Complex in Vancouver, and worked as an anchor for three years before setting out and landing at Kith.

Working with Kith, however, will not be Oberg’s first venture into the fashion design industry. Oberg’s brand, Sporty & Rich, features casual yet prominently branded clothing, inspired by the contrast of high-low fashion styles. The line features items like sweatshirts and tees, and last May issued a magazine in print. The brand drew some attention last year when Forever21 produced “Smart & Pretty” sweatshirts in a similar style. Oberg intends to keep Sporty & Rich as a separate business during her tenure with Kith.

A former colleague of Oberg’s, now a director for the menswear website Grailed, said that Oberg understands the intersection of high fashion and streetwear innately, and that has allowed her to become an influencer in the field. The aesthetic is the balance and contrast of the casual and the luxury.

Much of the streetwear style includes athletic touches, and Oberg has a handle on that aspect as well. She stars in a workout video series for Complex, another line of work she will continue while with Kith.

Kith, according to Business of Fashion, means to keep expanding its physical presence in retail, and will increase the space dedicated to women’s fashion this year. Fieg said that the demand is already there, and that the company is developing brand new partnerships.

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