Kylie Jenner Did Not Think That She Would Date Again For Awhile

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Kylie Jenner recently attended the glam Met Gala. She was evidently was very nervous saying “I don’t know one person,” and described herself as, “nervous as f**k.” The reality star relates to all of us as she called up her friend Jaden Smith and was relieved that he was attending the event as well. She also discussed how she was worried about her friend Jordyn as her father had recently passed away. Kylie Jenner stated, “She keeps everything inside.” Hopefully the two will get the opportunity to catch up shortly.

Recently Kylie Jenner attended her boyfriend Travis Scott’s concert in Boston. She tried to sneak away from the camera crew that constantly follows her around saying that she was going to tour the city and, “see history.” Apparently, it appears as though Kylie has a code word to try and get out of the public eye. Who could blame her? Everyone wants a little privacy especially while they are with their significant other.

The reality star famously dated Tyga; the artist who rapper who performed ‘Rack City.’ The two shared an on again off again relationship even while she was underage. She admitted, “I didn’t realize I would go through a breakup and then like, you know, start dating again.”

Kylie Jenner has also said, “The first year we started hanging out everyone around him told him not to be with me.” We can speculate that this is likely because she was 14 when she met him. There is something wrong about a grown man spending time with a little 14-year-old girl. She went on to say, “I still get comments like, ‘Don’t be with him.’ People will hate on our relationship, but we’re not doing it for the public—we love each other. We have a love for each other like I’ve never felt before.” She continued to talk about the break-up and said, “There was absolutely not one thing wrong with me and T. Him and I will always, always have a bond. There was no crazy fight.” She continued to explain, “We just decided—well, I decided—that I’m really young. I don’t want to look back five years from now and feel like he took something from me when he’s really not that type of person.” She also discussed how difficult it was to be a reality star and icon while in a relationship. She said, “The hardest part about having a relationship for me is just that it’s blasted all over the internet. She continued, “You have to hear other peoples’ opinions about who you’re with. It’s a lot.”

A source close to Kylie said, “Kylie and Travis are doing great. Things are so different from Tyga.” The source added, “There is no drama with Travis. He is a cool guy. He treats Kylie with a lot of respect and love. Kylie is very happy.”

Her former boyfriend Tyga opened up about the break up too and said, “I have love for her but I’m not in love with her no more.” He talked about their days when everything was new and he said, “That’s the honeymoon stage, you get with anybody, like, for the first year, it’s magic. And after that, like, you start, like, realizing a bunch of shit.” Tyga talked about the age difference too. He stated, “I think the main thing was a lot of people, a lot of outside influences, and she’s younger than me and she’s dealing with perception. I’m older so I can deal with perception.” When asked how he felt about Kylie’s new relationship he said, “I don’t feel no type of way. Me and her had been broken up for like seven months. He’s not in the wrong. I don’t have no hard feelings.”

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