Lindsay Lohan Moving to London

Lindsay Lohan is looking to change her place of residence, permanently. She seems to be trading America for the city of London.

She told BBC, “I think I am making the move to come over here.” Expressing further, “I’ve noticed when I’m watching the news here and such, you guys have such a different outlook. In the U.S., starting at 5 p.m., it’s TMZ and all of these shows that are just talking about people’s personal lives that are in the industry.”

The star is obviously not happy in the country of red, white and blue and fans hope the move will support her and her recovery.

Lohan continued, “Here, I don’t notice any of that.” She explained, “It’s more news and politics and music. It feels really good to be able to turn on the TV and not see everything be about gossip.”

Fans are eagerly awaiting to hear the stars decision.


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