The secret society for girls: The Lonely Hearts


Welcome to the Lonely Hearts Club, a secret society for girls who have a natural inclination to march to the beat of their own drum.

The Lonely Hearts Club is a short film created by TANK Productions for Nasty Gal. It is co-directed by New Yorkers Tracy Antonopoulos and Asli Baykal. The skit plays off the archetype of the single, idiosyncratic girl who doesn’t do the typical activities that 21st century girls do. This girl is unusual, and she’s different. She doesn’t like to hang out at the mall on Saturday afternoons, or even lie on the beach Snapchatting for extended periods of time. She likes to visit art museums, play rugby, to go on tumblr, and watch videos of different performance art pieces in Tokyo. She reads Manga, Dickens, and books on the making of the atomic bomb. She wears leather skirts and lace tops. She thrift shops, and she doesn’t care about how many likes she gets on her Facebook profile picture. This girl does not have a boyfriend, although sometimes she may want one. Based on the idea of a fantasy support group for the “outsiders”, The Lonely Hearts Club is a charming, and emotional, depiction of a different side to independence.

The Lonely Hearts Club isn’t meant to be demeaning to girls who don’t follow the crowd, or who may be perceived as loners. The girls portrayed in the video aren’t lonely, they aren’t even sad. Both directors wanted to show that one doesn’t have to be all over social media, blonde, and in a relationship to be happy. The film includes music by Blood Orange, lending a surreal quality to the piece.

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