How to Look ‘Fedorable’ – Picking your next Fedora hat



  1. Dress it Up With Heels – During the summer, buy a straw fedora and don’t be afraid to make it more of a feminine look. Peep toe or sandal heels make the outfit become something that looks a lot more high fashion.
  2. Own the Boy Look – Keeping the natural wavy of your hair, buy a matching blazer, or wear it with tight, pinstriped dress pants, a dress shirt, even a tie! You can keep the masculine look, while still looking sexy and chic.
  3. Make it Cute and Girly – Wear it with a ruffled blouse, or high waisted, bouncy skirt, wear it with a messy, side braid, and turn it into a young, Spring flower girl look!
  4. Wear it with Floral Print – Whether jean shorts, pants, bloomers, skirts, or blouses, find floral-printed fabrics for a Boho, Hipster type look, and don’t be afraid to finish it off with a nice pair of oversized sunglasses.
  5. Simple and Elegant – Take the casual style of the fedora, and turn it into an elegant outfit. Wear it with a plain, pastel colored blouse, long shorts, or even with a knee-length, button up dress with a thick, neutral colored belt.
  6. Casual – Wear it with jean pants, or long shorts, and a simple tank or tee. Who says you have to dress up all the time?
  7. Over-Accessorize it – This is best for the Summer! Wear it with lose, or off the shoulder shirts, and jean shorts, and over-accessorize the look with tons of bracelets, necklaces, and rings, for a crazy yet structured look, PERFECT for concerts, and outdoor events!

Womens Fedora Hats_styleFT


Womens Fedora Hats StyleFT

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