6 Looks You Should Abandon After College! No. 6 is a MUST!

  1. Leggings with Uggs. Yes, this is the universal uniform for the 21st century female, but only when you’re either in college and can’t be bothered on a Tuesday morning, or alone in your bedroom on Buzzfeed with a box of Cheez-Its. But in the latter situation you probably wouldn’t be wearing pants at all, because why?
  2. Wearing any article of clothing with the logo of your Alma mater in public. Sloppy, with pretentious undertones.
  3. An excessive amount of crop tops and body con skirts instead of real shirts and non-party skirts. Soon enough the day will come when you’re invited to a real dinner party that doesn’t involve a keg, and you’ll need to conform to a certain attire that is respectful to your host.
  4. Shirts that say “Mademoiselle” or “Paris” on the front with a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Just save up your money and really go to France. I hear they like fashion there.
  5. Cheap heels from Target or Payless. This goes for pretty much every accessory. Now is the time to start thinking realistically about how you spend your money, and do you really want to shell out another twenty dollars in three weeks after both heels have broken on the Greenwich Village cobblestones? Certainly not.
  6. Wearing yoga pants everywhere. This follows the leggings and Uggs trend, but yoga pants are more pant-like than leggings. Find a comfortable, stylish pair of jeans to wear instead and practice pulling out the Lulu Lemons only on lazy Sundays.

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