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Summer Looks

Looks and habits were heavily underrated last year. Pandemic has affected our lives to a point that everything odd is becoming the new to normal. Thus people switching to home offices, practicing healthy cooking, and forever immersed in practicing hygiene and precautionary measures against COVID has made pretty ladies forget their beauty habits. 

Today we turn a new leaf to show you how some simple make-up looks can make you feel elevated and bring about good vibes to your life again. Hence, looking beautiful is never a thing to compromise on. Below are some of the makeup habits to meet the moment. Keep scrolling to discover what’s in store for you!

Sun Kissed Glow Look

Credits: YouTube

Don’t we all enjoy rocking in that dewy look with summer just around the corner? The inspirational dewy look is amazing, as it somehow got the feeling of looking amazing and just being able to deal with anything that life throws your way. The dewy sun-kissed glow look is very much in trend and is a must have in 2021 as a summer look. 

With a dewy, sun-kissed glow, you will enjoy a golden or a caramel tone to give out the feeling of just heading home from the beach. The key to getting a perfect dewy look is to blend in with the right tones. Using subtle warm tones with a golden highlight all over your body will give out a perfect sun-kissed look to rock for the rest of the time.

Long Dark Lashes With Nude Lips


With 60s trends hitting us back, it would be great to keep a tab of those looks, or you lose. It’s the thick mascara lashes and the nude lipstick we are referring to here. The trend says, “no more fake lashes.” Layer up as much as you want with mascara and feel clumsy, which is totally fine, and in fact, it would be the perfect look to go with nude lips. 

You can leave your lid bare while the mascara stays heavy. Additionally, the rest of your face too will look nude, except for those thick lashes and the nude lipsticks on. A matte nude lip will add up to perfection, as looking super simple is the goal here. 

Champagne Shadow

Credits: Loreal Paris

Take a break from your contouring and try a new trend instead. Get hold of your champagne shadows for a fresh look this summer. This is an amazing summer look to wear with relaxation. This trend will only highlight your key points in the face, letting them look (prominent) than ever before. Get ready to be the center of attraction with this makeup on. Additionally, be mindful of where you highlight, as that’s where to be attracted.

One of the best features of this makeup trend is that it fits any face. Despite your skin tone, the champagne glow will make sure you shine where you go. When using the shadow, it would be best if you can apply it in the inner corners of your eye to make it look longer, all over the eyelid, eyebrow bones, and don’t forget your cheeks. You can add them to your cheekbones for a more flattering look. Moreover, depending on individual preference, you can spread the shadow on the cupid’s brow to have more highlights on the face. 

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