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Louis Vuitton is doing pretty well under their new creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière. reported that the brand had an amazing first quarter and received the most acclaim over other brands like Fendi and Givenacy, that have also had a good quarter.

He recently stepped into the position of Creative Director of Louis Vuitton after a year of not working. He was formerly the Creative Director at Balenciaga, a position he took on at the age of 25.

Ghesquière first spoke publicly about his new role to Vanity Affair in January. He stated What I find most interesting in fashion is that it has to reflect our time [.] You have to witness your own moment. People used to define me as a futurist designer, but, you know, the future is now for me.”

For a brand that has been around for 160 years, hiring the bold designer could be seen as a daring move. He likes patterns, shocking combinations, and bringing new life to familiar fashions. The CEO of Louis Vuitton Michael Burke was quoted

“We are under an obligation of maintaining a standard of boldness after the brilliant job that Marc Jacobs did. We had to have somebody as great as Nicolas. We couldn’t go into it saying, We’re going to play it safe.”

However, the fact that the brand is doing well could also be related to the currency issues in Europe, where they export their products from. also reported that ths sales increase was before Ghesquière’s collection hit the racks.

Whether or not Louis Vuitton sales continue to do well or not it will be interesting to see the new places Ghesquière will take the brand.


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