For those who aren’t familiar with high fashion and the aura that surround this lifestyle, it can be somewhat uncomfortable. Similarly, most of the population can observe this luxury, but that’s about as far as the wallet will allow—a sort of “look but don’t touch” restraint. Even Drake, who is well equipped to handle this lifestyle, is not one to deck himself out in garb that doesn’t suit him, no matter the brand name or price tag. Instead, the rapper opts for a sweatshirt or hoodie more often than not, which begs the question: why bother fitting a cookie-cutter image only to be forgotten once you’re gone? In the 2013 classic “5AM in Toronto,” Drake says:

Sinatra lifestyle, I’m just being frank with you—

I Mean, where you think she at when she ain’t with you?

Wilding, doing stuff that’s way out of your budget;

Owl sweaters in her luggage, you gotta love it.

The rapper isn’t one to blend in when it comes to his work, either. The long-time method used in rapping was to attack others in the lyrics, whether it be with violence, threatening words, etc. However, instead of choosing to use this stereotypical rapping method (primarily because it didn’t play to his strengths), Drake chose to hit his enemies where it hurt by making more money and shifting the public’s focus, especially with women. Time and time again, Drake has released top of the chart songs and high selling albums, and his most recent song “Signs” was no different.

Drake has remained true to himself over the years and hasn’t let materialistic trends distract him. In fact, he has appealed to a much wider audience, most recently the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer menswear fashion show. “Signs” was performed as the background music at the show while the Palais Royal in Paris was the backdrop. The relatively relaxed aesthetic of the music accompanied the neutral vibe of the collection perfectly. High fashion and street rap have always balanced a flirtatious line, yet Drake has chosen to remain on the sidelines. The entire LV menswear production had a relatable vibe to the show, which pleased the audience. While much of high fashion is highlighted by the glitz and glamour, the label loosened up for the newest collection. Though the show has since received mixed reviews, some in love, some disgusted, there is no denying that Drake’s realistic work paired perfectly with the laid back collection.

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