via Carolina Bucci

Translating straight from her about page, Carolina Bucci is a jewelry designer whose creations are synonymous with a modern and effortless sense of luxury. Her jewelry is a vibrant re-invention of her family’s rich heritage, and it has redefined what fine jewelry can be, and how it should be worn. And the above is approved especially with the latest piece that is inspired by New York City. The Lucky bracelets are the accessories of the season. With the ability to mix and match and over do it, you can flatter your wrist with a friendship bracelet that has a luxury attitude and its own name such as: love, travel, wisdom, and money. Each piece has its own identity and when mixed together it’s quite flattering since you will be mixing colors and different charms. The hippie style of mixing several bracelets has definitely been visible this season and the Lucky bracelet will certainly add the right touch. The Lucky bracelets come in 18kt gold and colored silk, each bracelet comes with its own charm. And in the end, simply double-knot and make a wish! The collection is available on net-a-porter and through several stores within the Unites States.



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