Do you really need a luxury lingerie?

Do you need to be sexy with luxury lingerie?
Sexy, daring, cute. You can name all the good ways to describe what a woman feels like when wearing lingerie. Wearing one does boost a woman’s confidence especially during intimate moments with their men. It is not only women that are fascinated by the wear but even men are enticed to see their partner in a different level of beauty when in their secret attires worn significantly for their eyes.

But is it worth it?

Here we give you our Top 5 list of lingeries and give you 5 reasons you won’t buy it. Well, that is if you feel to be smarter than sexy.

Definitely a Luxury Lingerie

Carine Gilson is a famous brand in the fashion capital of the world- Paris. Designer Carine was born in Belgium but her 29-year-old lingerie line is a hit to the filthy rich. The designer chooses the best Lyon Silk or Delicate Chantilly lace for her collections. With these high-quality materials and personally designed coutoure, hers is definitely a collection of luxury lingerie.

Because of the high-end material used for the clothing, expect the quality to be superb. Carine’s fashion style is daringly sexy. Her collection bouts feminity without being too cute and soft. She is famous for hand-finished details that is the reason most lingerie collectors get enticed to buy it.

CArine Gilson's luxury lingerie.
A Carine Gilson collection features how her luxury lingerie is one of the finest with coutoure. ://

Should you have it?
Unless you are a tycoon yourself or the wife of a filthy rich millionaire, Carine Gilson is something you have to reconsider if you are a smart woman. Carine Gilson’s good product line ranges from $500 and above.

If you are a career-oriented smart woman who looks forward to investing in more meaningful things such as a house or your own business, This lingerie line is not for you. Unless of course you have the spare change to squander.

A smart woman knows how to manage her finances and her time. She would not have a second look at a luxury lingerie that costs a month’s payday for some other women.

Instead of buying yourself lingerie worth $550 which may wear out before you even see your grandkids, book yourself a flight to Thailand or somewhere you can indulge yourself in immeasurable travel memories. These memories are worth sharing for a lifetime. Not a traveler? Keep your $550 secured in your bank for emergency or as additional savings for a business venture you are planning to have someday.

Fierce and Wild
2. Bordelle
Luxury Lingerie on the Bandage Side

Thinking about Fifty Shades of Grey? Sexy and Fierce women will definitely go with Bordelle. Founded by Alexandra Popa, this is a brand of choice for celebrities Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. Talk about celebrities on the wild side, right?

Magazines, Vogue, Elle, and Glamour feature Bordelle’s dark collections. Most of the designs highlight bandage dresses which make it daring and not too romantic. Bordelle colors are of the dark side and are mostly black.

If you want to surprise your man and show him your tigress side, this luxury lingerie is definitely your go-go wear as it is surely daring and funny if your personality is not a strong one.

Should you have it?
Bordelle is designed for women who have a strong personality, practice bandage during intimate moments or are simply a fan of dark clothing. With prices ranging from $300 below, it is not for women who look forward to saving up for more meaningful investments.

If you plan to buy a new card in hard cash and with your hard-earned money anytime soon and you are not a fan of having “Fifty Shades of Grey” moments, toss around that Bordelle. Look around, you have more options.

Are you a college student trying to maintain your scholarship? Maybe you are saving up for your child’s future? Are you single and dreaming to be the CEO of your own company? Just got married and plan to buy your own house?

If you say yes to these questions, Bordelle is something you have to skip when shopping for your undergarments. Surely, there are other brands out there that won’t be hard on your pockets but which quality is definitely worth every penny.

Bordelle is considered a luxury lingerie
Bordelle lingerie paired with jeans and transformed into casual wear.

Simply Korean
JEAN YU – Luxury Lingerie in KPOP twist

Korean Pop music did not just invade the music industry but it is now an adopted culture. Designer Jean Yu tops the list of Korean lingerie designers and her brand is not just famous in the US but also around Asia and the Globe.

Known for her silk collection, Jean Yu lingeries fascinates women whose choice is of the softer, feminine and graceful side. Her designs are modern, sleek and plain.

This is a Jean Yu luxury lingerie.

Should you have it?
With her collections ranging from $350 above, Jean Yu is also considered a luxury lingerie brand. You can definitely buy it if you are a collector of Korean made luxury products and are drawn to KPop.

As a top designer, Jean Yu is recognized in the US. Her lingeries are known to be hand made. Jean Yu’s collection can be described to be clean, simple and elegant.

If you are a minimalist who loves to wear silk while sleeping, Jean Yu is for you. As a gift for your self? I can say Jean Yu is okay once in a while or if you are going to sleep with your filthy rich fiance soon. Meanwhile, don’t forget to make sure you have enough savings on your account just in case you got ditched! Before paying for a $350 underwear make sure you have enough money to spend on groceries, pay your bills or pay for college.

Classy Luxury Lingerie
Faire Frou Frou

From the French word that means to show off, Faire Frou Frou is among the luxury lingerie on the market. Coming from the french origin. Faire Frou Frou is designed for demure women who want fine and classy things. Wear one of their collections and you will feel just like that- a fair lady, fine and classy.
Alison and Gail Rubke founded Faire Frou Frou and is on the business for 19 years. One of its boutiques is in Los Angles California. Orders can also be placed online.

Should you have it?
Fair Frou Frou collections range from $150 and above. It is a good way to treat yourself with this collection once in a while. If you have your own job, work hard like there is no tomorrow and want to sleep in a fashionably classy way, definitely, it is a yes for a Fair Frou Frou.

However, if you are struggling to climb up the career ladder as you have just started your dream job, pass on that Fair Frou Frou and shop for other options more penny-worth.


Not to a “Luxury Lingerie”
Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is not your really luxury brand but this year after partnering up with High-End luxury boutique brand Livy, the company has also released new designs under its “Luxury Lingerie Collection”

With prices ranging from $120 when not on sale. Definitely Victoria’s Secret collections are up in the competitive side for high-end shoppers. Their designs are cheek, feminine, cute, sexy, daring -name it all. They have it all because they even ventured in different innovative products like mists and bags targeting women of all ages, sizes, shapes and economical background.

Should you have it?
Grab a VS luxury lingerie when is it on sale, otherwise keep your credit cards in your pockets. As for their other products- Victoria’s Secret’s bras and other undergarments are a good investment provided you walk in their shops. Customer reviews on online purchases give a not so happy face.

Bottom line, if you can afford luxury lingeries or any luxurious things in life, well then go for it just make sure your life is in balance and your finance are not hitting rock bottom.

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