Lyst Has Ranked the Most Sought After-Fashion Items

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Lyst, a data analysis company that reports on the fashion world, recently released its listing for the most sought-after fashion items. The company is able to produce these quarterly reports by tracking the behavior of 5 million shoppers and their activities online. These subject either shopped, searched or browsed across 12,000 designers/stores online.

Among the data the company draws from to put together this information are Google and Lyst search data, engagement statistics, conversion rates, and worldwide sales.

Just what did they find? Some results will likely make sense to many followers of fashion while others may shock.

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Among the most sought-after items if the blush colored $643 dollar dress from the brand Goat that Meghan Markle wore during her first appearance after her nuptials to Prince Harry.
Embellished Platform Spike Texture Clog, Rosebonbon

Image via Neiman Marucus

Another item, which has proven quite divisive is Balenciaga’s platform crocs. The much-maligned shoe has been the subject of derision all over the internet. Yet, it seems that bad publicity is still publicity, as it still earns a spot on the list.

Lyst also found that many people continue to show interest in a reigning classic; the black Gucci belt with the GG logo buckle.

Another item that was quite high in ranking was the FILA Disruptor sneakers, in keeping with this ongoing trend toward dad shoes.

Among other items are the Prada bumbag, the Celine edge sunglasses, and the black-and-white Chanel Espadrilles.

Whatever one’s personal preferences, one must wonder at the rationale behind these rankings; as they give us somewhat of a snapshot of the fashion world today.

Featured Image via Neiman Marcus

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      Those Balenciaga’s platform crocs are little too extra for me.

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