M Missoni Resort 2019

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Resort season is well underway, especially as the summer solstice is well upon us. M Missoni, which has already presented one resort collection this year, has recently presented a second. This is notably the first collection by Angela Missoni as creative director since the expiration of the label’s licensing agreement with Valentino Fashion Group. It would appear that the designer is steering the brand in a new direction.

This collection’s offerings do adhere to the trademark Missoni motif, those iconic colorful chevron patterns. However, Missoni drew inspiration from the disco age, injecting this new line with a youthful playfulness and whimsical glamor.

The collection seemed to be made up of punchy, jewel tones. More than a few additions incorporated shiny, glittery fabrics and metallics. The signature geometry of the brand featured strongly throughout, but in numerous incarnations; such as the well-known chevron and diamond patterns. Most of the models notably sported silver eyeshadow, a true throwback to the days of disco.

Among the more notable pieces was a gold, foil-like jumpsuit as well as a similar pair of pants. There was also an example of glittery shorts, as well as some flared bottoms. Many of the pieces appear wearable and would probably fit in just about any venue. The rich color palette and sparkly details would make a worthy addition to anyone’s evening wardrobe.

According to WWD, Missoni “appears to be steering the brand into younger territory, amping up playful prints.”

The deep colors seem to evoke the very aesthetic of the seventies; with deep plums, rich oranges, and bright magentas very much feel like the disco scene. The mix and match of patterns and bright colors feel very bohemian.

Overall, the silhouettes, sleek and draped, evoke a sort of gracefulness that is well-suited to the dancefloor.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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    • Corrada Spatola

      Very cool and different collection!

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