MAC Cosmetics Influencer Collaboration

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MAC Cosmetics announced a new 12-person influencer partnership today with ambassadors across the globe.

According to a 2018 Glossy report, The new MAC program is launching in tandem with MAC’s Maker lipstick line and takes an international approach to influencer marketing. Each of the beauty influencers will target specific markets: Nyma Tang will focus on the U.S., Patricia Bright on the U.K., and Maine Mendoza on the Philippines. Other key regions include Canada, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, the Middle East, Germany and Spain.

Each influencer worked closely with the MAC Cosmetics labs to create custom colors and packaging for the launch, and will promote her own MAC Maker lipstick. Tang’s is the first to launch, with the roll-out taking place online and in select MAC locations on Sept. 13, according to a 2018 Glossy report.

Image via Mac Cosmetic’s Instagram

“Consumers are accustomed to the consistent drumbeat of monthly launches,” said MAC Cosmetics svp of global product marketing Elizabeth Otero. That these MAC launches are typically well-kept secrets continues to add excitement for customers and that the brand is going global with a “market-adapted” approach is intended to connect with local consumers in a grassroots way, according to a 2018 Glossy report.

According to launch-to-market platform Launchmetrics, more and more brands are re-allocating advertising dollars and converting them into influencer marketing budgets. In the last three years alone, this has increased 25 percent. In its latest The State of Influencer Marketing report, Launchmetrics found that in 2017 “80 percent of professionals in fashion, luxury and cosmetics activated campaigns with influencers, and their budgets for the coming year were projected to grow.” The company saw a 25 percent increase year over year from its previous report.

MAC has had success working with influencers in the past. In a partnership with influencer Patrick Starrr, the #MACPatrickStarrr hashtag drove $7.6 million earned media value (EMV) from 250 unique ambassadors, according to Tribe Dynamics co-founder and president Conor Begley.

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