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Season 21 is here, finally. This is what you call a show. If you are not familiar with the drama masterpiece that is Made in Chelsea– you need to get into it. Immediately. 

There are no words to describe the hilarity and the sheer champagne problems that these wealthy, please note the use of the word wealthy-not rich-rich white people have. Okay, well, they introduced one black person in season twenty, Paris Smith. Yes, after 20 years. But that is a story for another day. Let us be grateful that she is fabulous and just as gorgeous as the rest of the cast, if not more. Actually, no, she is more gorgeous than the rest of them.

Photo: Courtesy of Channel 4

Imagine Bold and the Beautiful meets Keeping Up with The Kardashians. Set in Chelsea, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in London, England. Already that sets the tone for what is about to come, because you already know it is going to be a prime white people’s drama. 

And the worst part is you become so invested in the characters and end up hate watching all the ridiculousness. Every week you expect the next episode. Luckily for us, it is a British reality TV series, so at the very least, there are 20 episodes in each season.

Think relationship drama. Best friends breaking up because one started dating the other’s ex. Mind you, this is not behavior from women as society has tried to frame it, oh no, it is the men too. But that is no surprise, because men are the messiest beings that ever walked the earth. Everyone knows that, but then apparently. 

All while traveling the world or attending garden parties, polo and sipping champagne all day. Every day. It is literally a dream world from a Jane Austen novel, but in the 21st century. The men are tall and wealthy, while the women are stunning and genuinely multifaceted beings.

Now for some spoilers, Jamie Lang is the resident man harlot, he cannot keep a relationship. For some odd reason, he gets fabulous women while looking like a seagull. Moving on, Emily is the pretty girl every man gets excited about when she is single, but for the past two years she has been in a relationship with Harvey Armstrong, who used to be her best friend’s boyfriend, a best friend she used to live with. 

Emily would bring Harvey to their apartment and host sleepovers with him while her best friend was crying about it in the room next door. But you will take Emily’s side because her best friend already had a man by the time they started dating, so she should not have been crying about her ex.

Then the ultimate favorites- James and Maeva. Maeva, the French girl who will call you a bitch behind your back, and when you confront her about it, will agree that she did it and ask you why you have a problem with that. The love of her love—James, who drives around in a Ferrari on Monday and in a Lamborghini on Wednesday, or in a Bugatti on Friday- is being groomed to take over the family company one day. 

Photo: Courtesy of Channel 4.

Their union was the most satisfying by far. Brought together by James’ ex-best friend and Maeva’s ex-boyfriend, Miles. Yes, one person. While chasing after Miles for two years, waiting for him to come back to her after they broke up, after kissing many frogs, Maeva finally kissed James, who had just ended his friendship with Miles, because Miles was ‘bitching’ about him behind his back. And they decided they do not want to stop kissing, and they have been together ever since.

There are so many more characters, as we all know British casts become huge. That was season 20. Imagine what season 21 will be like.

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