Magnum Celebrates 25th Anniversary


The chocolate and ice cream company, based in the U.K, Magnum, is celebrating 25 years of service in huge ways. In Unilever’s largest investment, it has put in 13 million British pounds, or close to $22 million, on an online marketing campaign in the form of a competition. Awareness for this online competition spans digital, television and PR media.

“Celebrating 25 years of pleasure” is the company’s catch phrase, and an online “Pleasure Hunt,” referred to as, “The Biggest Party on the Internet” is planned. The game is reminiscent of “snake,” where players pop balloons filled with ice cream to build onto their “conga line of party guests,” and dance from site to site.

Those who crack the #MagnumDressCode will receive a dress designed by Henry Holland, valued at 5,000 pounds, or about $8,500.

Creative directors Petter Lublin and Patrik Westerdahl feel that this marketing campaign has the capability to really “resonate with a global audience” by hitting the “right balance of a fun simple idea and innovative user friendly technology.”

The brand has also teamed up with Dolce and Gabbana to create a white chocolate bar filled with vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate chunks and crushed pistachios. Its packaging is also inspired by Dolce and Gabbana.

Television commercials and new packaging are other ways the company is bolstering its appeal.

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