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You will Need:
1) cosmetic mica powder (Found at local hobby stores)
2) rubbing alcohol
3) a cosmetic jar or container (Found at local hobby stores)
4) a coin
5) a plastic spoon or coffee stirrer

Mica powder is a very fine mineral powder than can be used for cosmetic purposes. It comes in a variety of colors, so be sure to select your shade(s) wisely – they also come with or without shimmer.

After you’ve selected your shade, fill your container about halfway with the powder, and then slowly add the rubbing alcohol, mixing it with your spoon thoroughly. Be sure not to add too much alcohol too fast because not only will you be using more than needed, but you’ll be creating a liquid eyeshadow (which takes much more time to dry and use!).

After mixing, place a sheet of paper towel over the jar, and push your coin down to compress the mixture. Then, remove the coin and paper towel, and leave the mixture to air dry in the container for 1-2 hours. Making sure the mixture is completely hardened, you may now use your personalized eye shadow! But be careful, and don’t tell anyone your secrets; they’re sacred!


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