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The #lifegoal for a lot of girls these days, and even for guys, is to make their eyebrows on fleek.

They feel life is bleak when they have dull eyebrows. And by grooming it properly, structuring the shape impeccably, and making the end tail on point – that’s the perfect time they can post on their social media with the #eyebrowsonfleek.

To make sure one’s brows are on fleek, use a ruler or a pencil, slanting from the side of the nose to the side of the eye to measure where the tail ends. And horizontally place the ruler or pencil to the side of the nose, to get the brows starting point.

Let us look at the possible ways that men and women can have sleek and fleek eyebrows.

eyebrows on fleek
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Everyday Cosmetic Brow Grooming

On the race to making eyebrows sleek and well-groomed, various cosmetic products came out in the market to fulfill this need.

From variety of pencils like tracing pencil, micro brow pencil, precision brow pencil, fill and fluff eyebrow pomade pencil, eyebrow powder pencil; to eyebrow cake powder, tinted brow mascara, eyebrow gel, tame and frame brow pomade, sculpt and highlight brow contour, seed oil brow setter, and long-wear brow kit.

This is aside from the brow grooming tools like brushes, combs, scissors, gardening shears. There is even eyebrow shaping patterns or stencils to make sure that our eyebrows would come out with a perfect shape.

Every kind of eyebrow cosmetic product you can think of is already out in the market. Their prices range from $4 – $11.

The Permanent Brow Cosmetic

To achieve a more lasting Brooke Shields’ bushy eyebrow-look, you can do it two ways: Aim for the latest cosmetic eyebrow tattooing called microblading, or for the more extreme measure of eyebrow restoration through a hair transplant procedure.

Microblading or eyebrow embroidery is semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing. It is advisable for those who have teeny to thinning to no eyebrows at all.

The microblading process works by using small needles to make tiny slanting pigmentation cuts following the brow’s hair direction to fill up the gaps of the preferred eyebrow shape. Depending on the skin type, it usually lasts from 1-3 years. It may cost between $350 – $800.

Actually, the original idea for eyebrow hair transplant is to restore the eyebrows of burn victims and people afflicted with a disease that causes eyebrow hairs to fall out. Doing this kind of surgery gives some confidence back to these people.

Eyebrow transplant cosmetic surgery is almost the same as the hair transplant procedure. The surgeon first harvests hair follicles from hair above the ears. Then, the surgeon transfers about 50 to 325 hair grafts to each brow area. After that, you wait for new hair to grow from the grafts.

The cost, which includes surgeon fee, anesthesia, and facility fee, sums up to about $3,000 – $6,000.

If you prefer eyebrow hair transplant, do some doctor research first. Make sure to consult with certified surgeons specializing in hair and eyebrow transplantation.

eyebrows on fleek
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Simple Brow Grooming Tricks

The Hollywood brow make-up trick way back gains popularity with the millennials these days. This technique, called soap brows, only requires the use of a mascara brush and soap. By rubbing the mascara brush over the bar of soap, then brushing it on your brows, and voila, your eyebrows come out with a quick feathery look.

From thin fine eyebrow fashion in the early 1900s, in this millennium, trending eyebrows are now on the fuller side. Why? Because fuller eyebrows make people look younger.

Because fuller and fluffier eyebrows are better these days, different brands of brow growth serum turned up in the market ranging from $23 – $110.

But if you prefer cheaper and natural products, you can try any of these to grow thicker eyebrows: castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, lemon, milk, egg yolk, onion juice, or aloe vera.

For those who already have bushy enough brows, properly maintain it by threading, waxing, plucking, or trimming.

As fuller and thick-enough eyebrows really make a person looks younger. Still, one has to keep it well-defined with a stylish arch complementing the face to totally achieve that eyebrows on fleek.

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