Makeup Brushes 101 Part 2: The Best Face Brushes and Tips on How to Properly Clean All Your Brushes

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There are so many different types of face brushes, and so many brands to choose from! We have compiled a list of the best face brushes we could find, and some of the brands that were on our eye brush list have also made an appearance on this list as well; they are just that good!


Morphe M439 – First up on our list is this guy! It’s a large synthetic brush almost like a kabuki powder brush, but stiffer and denser. Given its size, it covers a lot more surface area so foundation application is fast. This is our top pick!
Sigma F80 – While not as big as the Morphe M439 it is still quite large, dense, and packs quite a punch! It is a flat top kabuki brush so it is not rounded out like the Morphe M439. It still has a sizeable surface, area but the flat top makes it easier to get around small areas, like the nostrils.
Mac 130 – This is a duo fiber brush similar in shape to the Sigma F80, just not as flat. It is also dense but is actually quite a bit smaller than the other two. Given its size it actually helps to pack on the product, making it ideal for those who want a full coverage application.
Artis Oval 6-This one is pretty amazing! It looks like an old fashioned hairbrush, the bristles are soft and it gives you a nice air-brushed look, but the price is a bit steep at $55!

Under Eye Concealer

Sigma F86 – This was our top pick. Have you noticed that most concealer brushes are so tiny it takes you forever to blend out under your eyes? Not with this brush! It had a large surface area making it fast to blend in that concealer. It also has a small point to the tip, so it makes it really easy to get right up into the inner corner of your lower lash line.

Beauty Blender – Although technically not a brush, the beauty blender makes it really easy to blend out concealer, and will help to keep you from over applying since sponges pick up excess product. There is only one downside: if you don’t clean these on a regular basis bacteria can replicate inside the sponge causing breakouts when you use it, so keep those puppies clean!


Morphe E4 – Although not billed as a blush brush on their site, we love how the angle on this brush allows for precision blush application right above that contour!
Sonia Kashuk Brush No. 125-This one is a fluffier brush, perfect for giving you that soft pop of color on the cheek.
MAC 187 – This is actually a duo fiber brush, meaning it can be used with both liquids and powders!
Tip: Try to use the same brush for more than one product, it helps to cut down on both the amount of brushes you have to use and the amount of time it takes to get ready in the morning!


There were so many good brushes to choose from we had a hard time narrowing our choices down to just a few!
Too Faced Kabuki – This was our top choice! Kabuki brushes are great for powder since they are big, making it easier to cover larger areas faster. We love that this one actually turns up, and there is a lid you can pop on so when you toss it in your makeup bag it’s protected!

Morphe E1 – This is the big baddy of all powder brushes! It is from their Elite Collection, so the bristles are softer and more luxuriant  than the brushes from the regular collection.  This brush is huge, so it covers more surface area than any other brushes on our list. It makes applying powder a snap!


Nars ITA – This is a great brush if you want really sharp sculpted cheek bones! It is small and dense, with a wide handle that makes it easy to use. It makes a really sharp line, so just make sure to blend upward so you don’t have just a straight line of contour powder on your cheeks!

Morphe M523 – This brush is amazing for a nice subtle blended out contour. It’s natural hair, so it helps to pick up excess product leaving you with a nice buffed out contour.


Morphe M501 – This brush is small and fluffy, this makes it great for applying highlighter since it keeps your highlighter in the areas you want it to be.

Sedona Lace FB 01 – This is a fan brush. It gently places the highlighter onto the skin giving you a light wash of color.

How to clean your brushes

Make sure to use a brush cleaner in between each application, this is a must! MAC makes a great one in a pretty pink color! Just spritz some on a paper towel and swirl your brushes in it until all the color is gone.

Make sure to also deep clean your brushes once a week with a gentle cleanser, soap, or shampoo. Philosophy makes some great ones. Then let your brushes dry for 24 hours. This will keep your brushes nice and sanitary, do not skip this once a week deep clean!

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