Makeup tips for dry skin in winters

dry skin in winters

Dry skin in winters makes it quite challenging to apply makeup. Makeup makes you look flawless, but skin in winters tends to become drier, mainly due to harsh weather conditions. Moreover, dry patches appear on the surface that worsen the situation. It is essential to make sure that your skin does not dry out and stay hydrated even if the makeup is on.

Today I will be sharing some of the makeup tips for dry skin. These would help you to apply makeup on dry skin in winters effortlessly.


Prep your dry skin in winters:

The first and most crucial step before applying makeup on dry skin is to prepare your skin. You should follow simple steps before putting makeup on.

1-Toner: After washing your face, apply water-based toner. Why you need a toner? Basically, what it does is provide a little bit of hydration and removes dead skin from your face. It also tightens your skin. Balance your pH level. The thing you should always keep in mind that use the alcohol-free version of toner.

2-Moisturizer: Winter season is all about dryness. Moisturizer is used to treat dry, rough, and patchy skin. It forms a layer on your surface that traps water inside and keep it hydrated. It is one of the primary and chief steps before applying makeup on.

3- Primer: Primer is used before makeup as it creates a smooth layer on your face. It also helps to reduce open pores, fine lines, and blemishes. For dry skin in winters, it is cardinals to use an oil-base primer.


Foundation for dry skin in winters:

After preparing your skin as mentioned, use foundation which has a dewy finish. It is supreme not to use extreme matte foundation in winters as it further dries out your skin. Foundation can be applied with both blender and brush in circular motions.



Powder helps to settle your face so that your foundation does not move here and there from its place. Moreover, it is used to give your foundation Mattify finish. In winters, you should avoid too much powder because it further dries out your skin. If you want to set your under eyes, you can surely apply a tiny bit of powder with the brush. Don’t apply all over your face; otherwise, your skin will feel dry.



If used correctly, highlighter surely uplifts and brightens your face. The first thing is, match your highlighter formula with your foundation formula. As for dry skin in winters, liquid foundation is recommended, so for this reason, you should use a liquid highlighter. Liquid highlighters best suit on dry skin, and it holds on to the foundation effortlessly.


Before applying lipstick on dry skin in winters, you must hydrate your lips with a balm. The balm helps to lock the moisture on your lips. Furthermore helps lipstick to apply smoothly. Apply a semi Matte lipstick. You are also free to use Matte lipstick.


Setting spray:-

It is essential to set your face after applying makeup. If you have dry skin, then make sure you use dewy finish setting spray. It will keep your makeup on for an extended period. Moreover, it will give a brief smooth finish.

Dry skin in winters





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