Makeup Tips for Unruly Skin




Not all of us were fortunate enough to be born with the skin of a goddess. When having oily, dry, or simply acne prone skin, trying makeup products seems like you’re playing the lottery. Some women desire the flawless look, but aren’t sure of what products to use and where to scrimp and splurge accordingly with brands. It’s all about finding the best fit for your skin type and wallet. An important tool for starting the process of beautiful skin is ensuring you’re taking the steps needed to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize on a regular basis. Any makeup used can only clog pores if this measure isn’t being taken.

First, a vital product in your makeup repertoire definitely needs to be primer. Primer not only reduces redness, keeps your makeup from smudging as the day progresses, it also assists in hiding those pesky blemishes. To ensure that photo finish, this product is a must have.

The search for the perfect foundation is challenging, especially without the proper knowledge on what type would be best for your skin. For the individuals who lack in the perfect skin department, you cannot go wrong with a mineral powder. If you’re still not convinced and forever devoted to liquid foundation, it’s important to pick one that is oil-free with salicylic acid – for covering and treating skin issues.

Concealers are a special piece of the perfect makeup puzzle in which they cover the blemishes accordingly; however, it is imperative to research before purchasing. A common mistake with purchasers is not matching the concealer to the foundation in color. Nobody wants to have the embarrassment of mismatched tones. An easier solution is to purchase the same brand as the foundation, for peace of mind and simplicity.

Finally, the process wouldn’t be complete without the finishing touch, otherwise known as a setting powder. When shopping for the perfect setting powder, you must ensure that it does not provide the “cake” look to your skin because it will irritate and produce more acne, a definite step backwards. A natural, light powder is an essential for the finishing touches to your face.

Don’t be ill informed when looking for new products. Always ask an associate and research specific brands before starting the search. Your beautiful, clear skin is waiting!

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