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The given term, “man purse,” is inherently slightly derogatory. There is something unpleasant about it, as if the very idea of a man carrying a bag is silly, or weird. In fact, practically speaking, the man purse is wonderful. Who says that men don’t need, or shouldn’t have to, carry around a splash of cologne for an afternoon refresher? Who says they don’t need gum, Chap Stick, a place to hold their wallet, books, a Kindle, cough drops, hand cream, and Vitamin Water? All these items are crucial to a successful day out, and it seems unfair to limit a man to a simple wallet for insufficient storage. Therefore, the man purse is important to consider for practical and stylish means.

There are many different bags to choose from. The messenger bag sends out an aura of intellectual prowess. The briefcase is all business and completely professional, even a bit uptight. The gym bag can be sporty and stylish, depending on the type. Backpacks can be reminiscent of middle school, however there are many that are well beyond college. Even the slouchy hobo bag tends to be masculine when paired with worn jeans and a white tee.

Wear the man purse with confidence, and stick to deeper shades if you don’t usually carry one, like dark blues, browns, blacks, and grays. Lean toward leather, linen, and canvas for textures, and balance the fanciness of your outfit with the look of your bag. Sometimes a simple wallet is perfect with a crisp suit.



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