Mariah Carey Lip Syncing Again!


By this point, Mariah Carey is as well-known for lip syncing her live performances as she is for her angelic voice.
This week during Mariah’s Today Show Performance, a fan caught her lip syncing during her hit ‘Always Be My Baby.’
You would think by this point all of the times the singer has been caught lip syncing, she would either stick true to her profession and actually sing live, or enroll in some lessons on how to lip sync properly.

There were two versions of the performance. One, aired by the Today Show showed Mariah putting on a phenomenal performance. The second, released by a fan in the audience showed the mishap. When she put the microphone back to her mouth and the high notes came up, there was no sound coming from her mouth. It seems that she was only lip syncing during the high notes in her song. When they came up, the camera would face the crowd, Mariah would turn her face, or step away from the crowd (maybe hoping she wouldn’t be caught?)

When you have a voice like Mariah’s why would you want to lip sync? You don’t have to! If your voice is not 100%, girl don’t take the gig! It’s understating your incredible talent to always be caught lip syncing. Now if we were to sing on the other hand, you would hear the highest quality of auto-tune and witness professional lip syncing.


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