Marlon Wayans Criticizes ‘Entitled’ Former Partner Amidst Fresh Paternity Lawsuit: ‘I Won’t Allow Myself to Be Exploited and Undermined

Marlon Wayans Criticizes

Marlon Wayans Criticizes: The mother of Marlon Wayans’s 1-year-old daughter, Axl July Ivory Wayans, has sued him in a paternity suit, and the actor has spoken out against her. Page Six cites court records that show Brittany Moreland was the one who sought to have Marlon recognized as the biological father of their child, who was born in December 2022.

Marlon Wayans Criticizes ‘Entitled’ Former Partner Amidst Fresh Paternity Lawsuit


Moreland states in her petition that she wants Marlon to have visiting rights in addition to primary physical and legal custody of Axl. In addition, she has asked Marlon for money to pay for her and her baby’s legal fees and other pregnancy and delivery-related costs.


Actor Marlon Wayans, whose credits include “Scary Movie” and “White Chicks,” gets caught up in this legal dispute. The case has taken a legal turn, as shown in the court documents, even though they were both at a Chanel dinner in 2023.

The 2024 Golden Globe Awards are just one example of how Marlon Wayans’s personal relationships and legal obligations are complicatedly playing out as Brittany Moreland’s paternity claim unfolds.

“I have a daughter that transitioned into a son,” he said on “The Breakfast Club” at the time. “My daughter Amai is now Kai.”

The “Little Man” actor and Zachary dated from 1992 to 2013 but never tied the knot.

Their romance ended after Marlon was caught cheating on her.

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