Dr. Maya Angelou
Dr. Maya Angelou via achieves

The beloved Dr. Maya Angelou died on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. The causes of her death are unknown but Angelou had been suffering from heart problems for a while now. The world renowned writer, playwright, Actress, and educator touched the hearts of many. This unfortunate loss is not something that should be mourned for long but to celebrated for the life of this gracious women for all her wisdom and knowledge.

From marches with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, conversations with Malcolm X, Angelou was not only a voice for the African American community but an Activist. She lived a long and hard life, surpassing any negativity thrown in her direction. She has traveled across the country and has not only educated but nurtured young adults to yearn for life. As humbling as she was Angelou was a “Phenomenal woman” who wore her wounds as proud as she wore strengthens. If you haven’t read her auto biography I know why The Caged Bird Sings,  take it from us, it’s a must read. Go to your nearest Barnes and Nobles or purchase the e-book.

Talk about big shoes to be filled, Angelou left an impression on our country that will last for a lifetime. She has become a part of not only literature but of history. A household name she was and dear friend to many. Dr. Angelou will be missed dearly.

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