Meet the Teenager Being Called the Coolest Kid in Japan

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In the age of social media, many people of varying ages and backgrounds have the potential to become an overnight celebrity. In the fashion industry, in particular, we are only too familiar with the concept of the stylish influencer. However, most might be impressed with one of the newest additions to the ranks of fashion influencers; a teenaged boy named Yoshi, who has gained a well-deserved reputation as the most stylish kid in Japan.

The middle-schooler, who is a Tokyo native, gained unprecedented notoriety when he began posting photos of himself in his favorite outfits on Instagram. His style is heavily based on elements of punk (Yoshi is reportedly inspired by Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols) as well as other elements of streetwear. His looks often incorporate band tees, beanies, chains, ripped jeans, black booties and black nails. His layering game is comparable to many of the looks that have recently gone down the catwalk.

Born in Hiroshima, Yoshi has lived in Tokyo since he was two years old. When he was younger, one of his hobbies was competing in Mini 4WD car contests. It was during one of these competitions that he first met who he describes as a “cool guy” who wore Ricks Owens and Yoji Yamamoto. From that moment on, his interest in fashion was awakened; and he quickly began to explore his hometown’s fashion scene.

The first notable sartorial choice was bought at a vintage shop named GBM; it was a pink Marilyn Manson shirt that caught his eye, despite the fact that he didn’t even know who that was. His mother was a frequent patron of the store and knew its owner and thus, they have been good friends ever since.

Vogue describes Yoshi’s sartorial creativity as “a natural gift for shopping and styling.” Fashion Designer Patrick Owen has expressed his admiration for Yoshi’s assured confidence, stating “He is very open about his feelings and thoughts to people around him, even at the first acquaintance. And that makes him interesting.”

Yoshi’s following really began to blow up when he essentially crashed a party being held by Off-White in Aoyama. Yoshi commented on the experience saying “I saw the party on Instagram and just went!” The brand is a favorite of his, and he chose to go wearing a belt wrapped around his neck like a necklace of sorts. This caught the eye of owner Virgil Abloh, who complimented his style.

Yoshi has now begun doing gigs as a freelance model as well as making plans toward a career in design. He has always had an interest in modern art and had already begun sketching, citing Yoshio Kubo and Virgil Abloh as influences. When speaking on the fact that he has already accomplished an unusual feat for someone his age, Yoshi has spoken on his mother’s initial reluctance to let her young son work so much: “My mum was very worried about me starting to work because I’m still a junior high student, but recently she has learned to worry less about me.”

Nonetheless, the teenager remains extremely level-headed about his newfound fame, stating “I think the reason I’ve got this far is because of the support of my family, friends, and the people who gave me work.”

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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      The fact that he’s so accomplished at such a young age is definitely admirable!

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