Meghan Markle Prepares a Cake to Acknowledge COVID-19 Response Workers
Image Source : Instagram

Meghan Markle took an extraordinary step in appreciating COVID-19 response workers by baking them a gorgeous cake. Markle’s act was to honor Women’s History Month. According to the news, Markle’s thoughtful cake was a ‘lemon olive cake’ done with homegrown olives from her garden. Lunch was served with a message of appreciation to those assisting with conveying food amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Sussex’s non-benefit, Archewell Foundation, worked with continuous teammates World Central Kitchen to serve lunch and meet perfection. Reportedly, dessert was from the Duchess’ own kitchen.

World Central Kitchen by Jose Andres was founded to ensure everyone is provided with meals in the wake of disasters. In honor of Women’s history month, the WCK collaborated with the non-profit foundation Archewell, which was founded by the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex in making the event a success.

WCK said on Twitter, “Since WCK’s COVID response began in Chicago, we’ve served nearly 500,000 meals. Today, Dorri of the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago- which has distributed 60,000 meals with WCK- and Sarah, co-owner of Fat Shallot restaurant, shared a safely distanced lunch with women picking up meals.”

Meghan Markle’s Lemon olive cake

In a supportive message the Sussexes wrote, “We hope you enjoy the offerings we baked for you- a small token of thanks from our home to yours.”

Meghan and Harry added that with their efforts, they intended on showing that when a majority contributes to a good cause, even with the slightest action, it gives ripple effects.

Meghan Markle added, “Even Individual actions can affect us all.”

The announcement between the two foundations; Archewell and World Central Kitchen were announced by the Sussexes last December. In their announcement, they said four “Community Relief Centers” in locations that faced with severe effects of natural disasters will be funded. Two projects have already been funded; in Dominica and in Puerto Rico, both of which suffered an immense loss because of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

World Center Kitchen tweeted saying, “Women are on the front lines of our work: making and serving meals, volunteering, and leading businesses & organizations that serve their communities each day.”

Further, WCK asked their followers to make a change by supporting women affected by the COVID—19 outbreak on donations.

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