Meghan Markle Wears a Bateau Neckline Again – And It Seems to be Catching On

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At this point, it’s not recent news to say that the Duchess of Sussex has become somewhat of a style icon. Since well before her wedding, Meghan Markle has essentially been a major influence on the fashion world. Countless bloggers have scoured her history of fashion choices, dating all the way back to her time on Suits as well as her own blog The TIG.

Her influence on the world of style is so great that some have dubbed it the Meghan Markle Effect – which refers to the fact the anything the Duchess wears has the potential to sell out once people find out where it’s sold. This is not at all dissimilar to the Kate Middleton Effect – which is what commentators dubbed the same phenomenon in relation to her sister-in-law.

Markle’s fashion statements are no strangers to headlines; whether it’s the Ralph and Russo gown she chose the wear for her official engagement photos or her more recent choices to incorporate color in her post-wedding wardrobe. However, there does seem to be one pattern in her sartorial choices that people are just picking up on, and it’s the bateau neckline.

The neckline, which slopes across the shoulder line to give just the tiniest peek at the collarbones and shoulders, is extremely pretty and well-known in fashion circles. It is said to originally have been invented by Chanel back in the early 20th century, though some debate whether or not it can really be attributed to a designer named Jenny Sacerdote. It is actually a detail that often gets associated with French fashion house Givenchy and one of their most iconic muses; Audrey Hepburn.

Markle wore this iconic neckline on her wedding day, for which her custom-made silk gown was fittingly made by Givenchy’s Clare Wright Keller. However, the Duchess has recently been spotted wearing a black Dior dress for the 100th-anniversary celebration of Royal Air Force. The most notable detail? You guessed it – the bateau neckline.

According to Glamour, searches for “bateau necklines” have increased by 104% within the last year. Searches for the neckline on eBay and reportedly jumped 830% between November 2017 and June 2018.

Thus, we can really see that the Meghan Markle Effect is in full swing. What does this mean for the fashion world? Well, maybe we could all do with channeling a little more of Audrey and Meghan in our lives.

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    • Kimi Mier

      Wow I never thought about it before, but she really does seem to favor that neckline in her dresses, great spot! It’s very classy, I like it. She’s is so beautiful and poised, a great role model to look up to fashion wise and personality wise!

    • Maya Asregadoo

      It’s not surprising that Meghan Markle has become such an icon, as Kate, Diana, and even Elizabeth II were all icons when they were first married/coronated. This effect seems to have occured with every English royal in recent history!

    • Stefanie Wad

      Wow, her style is very beautiful!

    • Leonardo Andrés López Carreño

      It is super impressive to see that she is creating such an impact shortly after entering the royal family.

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