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Men’s hairstyles are often a way for a man to express himself. However, most men only change their hairstyles every once in a while. In 2021, most men will have changed their hairstyle several times over the past ten years.

Men’s Hairstyles of 2001

The hair on top of the head is usually kept shorter than the sides and back (occasionally all hair is uniform length). The hair is often cut straight across at the end but is longer near the front of the head creating an appearance similar to that of cartoon characters such as Donald Duck or Goofy. A few strands of hair may fall over some foreheads creating a “five-head,” but it looks like it takes more effort than convenience and therefore does not become a widely popular hairstyle.

The most popular men’s hairstyle of 2001 was the ” flat top .” The hair on top of the head is cut short and close to the head, but not completely shaved. It looks like it might be about 1/2 inch (1 cm) wide all around, but it may be slightly wider at the front than at the back. This haircut has many variations; some flat tops are longer in front than the back; others have a fringe (bangs). A popular variation is high and tight; which is similar except that there is even less hair on top.

Men’s Hairstyles of 2010

Haircuts for men continue to include lots of tapered sides that provide little contrast in appearance with the areas on top of the head. However, hairstyles are becoming longer on top and more exaggerated. The tapered sides remain but there is some hair over at the top which forms sort of a flap or spiky locks sticking out from either side of the head (i.e. Mohawk ).

Men’s Hairstyle Trends of 2021

The fashion industry is trying to foresee what new hairstyles men will prefer in 2022; however, it is difficult to make this type of prediction because trends come about organically, spontaneously. Nevertheless, here are some predictions for the forthcoming months:


Undercut | Pinterest

The undercut is characterized by having the hair on the sides and back of the head cut or shaved very close to the skin. The hair on top is kept longer, but it too is tapered closely to the head.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk | Pinterest

A combination of two popular styles: tapering of all hair at the sides and a long mop-like tuft of hair on top that sticks out horizontally from either side of the center.

Curly Hair 

Curly Hair | Pinterest

Men with curly hair have had few options unless their curls were large enough to form an Afro. Today, men with curly haircuts have many more options. Even if the hair on top of the head is relatively short, it can be styled by creating some waves. These days there are really no limits to men’s curly haircuts.

Long Hair

Long Hair | Pinterest

Men with long hair will find themselves in great demand in 2021, especially men who have not had long hair for many years. The fashion industry expects several profiteers to set up chains of barbershops dedicated to serving men who want to let their hair grow out.

Long Hair with Beard

Long Hair with Beard | Pinterest

A common pairing in 2001 was long hair on men, but it usually went hand in hand with an otherwise relatively short beard. By 2021, it will be trendy for men who sport this style to have large bushy beards that are much longer than their hair. For example, the brownish/reddish fuzz that is visible when one’s head is down looking at his or her phone might look like a small squirrel sitting on top of one’s head.

Hair Curls and Afro

Hair Curls and Afro | Pinterest

In 2021, both hairstyles will still be popular. However, they will be a bit more exaggerated than they were in 2001. Hairstyles comprising large Afro or unruly hair will become the norm for men who want to express their individuality by not conforming to what other people expect them to look like.


Dreadlocks | Pinterest

In 2021, it will still be very common for men with dreadlocks to have braids and beads intertwined in their hair. However, fashion trends show that there is an increased emphasis on wild and creative grooming of the scalp by natural dyes and pigments derived from plants and minerals. For example, some brave souls might dye their hair green, blue, red, etc. Others may use various salts to beautiful designs all over their heads.

Low Fade Haircut for Men

Low Fade Hair-Cut | Pinterest

In 2021, this haircut will remain popular because it is the most practical short hairstyle; easy to maintain and low maintenance. Also, it has a large upside in that one can wear their hair up or down with little fussing around with styling products. It’s a man’s haircut.

Side Part Hair

Side Part | Pinterest

The two trends that led to the popularity of this haircut are (a) the comb-over and (b) the undercut. This type of hairstyle is characterized by having some hair on top preserved while it is kept short or shaved closely on the sides of the head. For example, one might have a fringe of hair over their forehead while their back and sides remain close-cropped.

High Fade Haircut for Men

High Fade | Pinterest

This haircut will remain popular because it is like low fade but more extreme because it comes up higher on one’s head especially near where the natural part would be located. One’s bangs are also tapered high above their eyes. From a psychological standpoint, many men who get the high fade haircut may want to give off the impression that they are more aggressive and/or confident than their counterparts who get a low fade.

In the future, men will have more choices in hairstyles than they ever had before! Many of these styles will be with less or no formal training. Instead, they will develop their own style and never consider going to a barber again.

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