Men’s Heels Are Back in Fashion

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As a woman, I have a huge appreciation for a nice pair of heels. I think it goes without saying that women wear heels because they look good and boost confidence (or in my case add a few more inches of height that I so desperately need). A not so well-known fact about heels, however, is that they were originally designed as riding shoes for men, not women. Later, women began to wear them to look more neutral and equal to men, which took on its own phenomenon.

Now, women smile through the pain of five-inch heels that are as equally beautiful as they are uncomfortable. Not only do they provide short-term discomfort, but scientists have proven the long-term damage of wearing heels. However, that will not stop us women from wearing our favorite pair of stilettos. Apparently, that will not stop men from adding a little height to their shoes, either. That’s right: heels are back for men. No, not the uber-high red bottomed Louboutins (which would be as comical as it would be shocking), but a certain “modest block heel,” according to Vogue.

Celebrities from Harry Styles to Kanye West to Justin Bieber have been photographed in these “modest” heels, and the internet is buzzing about this newest trend. This fashionable footwear is taking on the fashion world like a storm, and people are asking, what does this mean? Translated correctly, this means men will have to endure the same amount of discomfort as women for the first time since the 18th century. However, there is no level of discomfort that will be the same as five-inch stilettos, which is nothing compared to the modest block heel fashionable men will be seen wearing. Ladies, take a pair of your favorite casual booties, for example. The stylish yet simple two-inch heel found on those are a more realistic description of this new phenomenon, not the sky-high heel on the back of your Jimmy Choos. Therefore, while we will not be seeing men teetering around on fashionable platforms, the playing field for heels just got a little more level.

A coffee depended life-form who enjoys thriller novels, creative writing, and wearing heels to feel taller. Shy to acquaintances, presumably obnoxious to friends. Watched the Harry Potter saga more times than I should admit, but then I remember: who cares? Thoroughly enjoy getting dressed up, but love my fuzzy sweatpants. I like to think my life is interesting.

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