Michael Kors 40th Anniversary Runway Fashion Show

Michael Kors has been in the business of fashion for 40 years. His brand named after himself-celebrated by hosting his Michael Kors 40th Anniversary runway show in New York.

New York is home not only to Michael himself but also where he started his career and brand. The show was held in the middle of the street and was walked by famous models, such as the icon Naomi Campbell, Precious Lee, Adut Akech, and Bella Hadid.

michael kors 40th anniversary
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Kors Collection

The actual road was used as the runway for the show, with cars parked on the sides of the street, like it was any other day or night in New York.

Being fun and adventurous while wearing clothes that are comfortable, this show encompassed all of that. For Michael, New York, a city full of people that are constantly on the go has largely inspired fashion of his brand. This city, full of people just like him- who prefer everything to be fast paced, be it work or their day-to-day lives, but want to indulge themselves once in a while. 

When Michael Kors was established in 1981, Michael had this in mind “there’s a part of me that’s very pragmatic, and then there’s a part of me that’s silly and indulgent.”

michael kors 40th an
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Kors Collection

His style is visible in how he has set himself as a luxury brand that many people can afford. That the average person can want more and dream of something better that is coming is the embodiment of Michael Kors. People get a taste of luxury by starting off by buying luxury brands like Michael Kors, and want more of the brand and luxury brands.

The Michael Kors Anniversary fashion show was shot throughout the New York’s theater district, with music from singer and songwriter- Rufus Wright, who performed. Throughout the show, models wore clothes that Michael envisioned for a night out, which is the theme Michael described it as “My Fantasy Night out.”

Using the Theatre District was significant to this show and the brand Michael Kors- because theater is Michael’s second love and second favorite form of art after fashion. Michael Kors wanted to thank those who have inspired him and used this show to honor theater and its impact. 

Photo: Courtesy of Michael Kors Collection

At the beginning, the show starts off with various actors, such as Bette Midler, Debra Messing, Chita Rivera, Debra Messing and Billy Porter, Alan Cumming on a fake Zoom call waiting for Michael himself. While waiting, they raise awareness of the importance of the theater district, its cultural and economic contributions to the city. 

Part of the proceeds for the fashion show go to the Actors Fund. An organization that provides housing, senior care, financial and senior support services to actors and anyone else in the entertainment business. 

This initiative was necessary, especially because people in the industry had been hit hard by the pandemic, and broadways had been shut down for the entire year of 2020, meaning people could not make an income or rely on the Actors Fund for help.

The pieces in this fall collection were typical Michael Kors style, with monochromatic looks in muted creams, tan, camel and black and brown. Some stand out prints like zebra print from head to toe, and sequins, were included, since it inspired the collection throughout the night.

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