This past Sunday, the new Michael Kors Access luxury smartwatch line made it’s debut during the brand’s SoHo flagship. The latest Access watch is rumored to be the best of both worlds, which was built with the latest technology in Silicon Valley and also embodies the fashion forward brand of Michael Kors.

The Michael Kors luxury watch is expected to have voice-activation technology, Google search, social media alerts, fitness training, etc. Ove the last five years, the fashion company has seen their watches worn by thousands of females under the age of 30. The company decided to bring style, luxury, and technology to their fans who would love to personalize their own smartwatch.

The Michael Kors Access watch is expected to be priced around 350 dollars. The new smartwatch line also includes separate activity tracker wristlets that are priced for 95 dollars.

Mr. Kors has commented that he wanted to compete with the popular entry level smartwatch brands, like for example the Motorola Moto 360 watch. Other luxury smartwatches like Movado Bold Motion are priced at 695 dollars and the Tag Heuer Connected watch was priced over 1,500 dollars.

Due to Michael Kors’s competition against the Apple Watch Series 2, the company is still looking for possible technical advances to add to their smartwatch line. While Apple is advertising their new smartwatches toward middle-aged adults, Michael Kors is specifically advertising their new Access watches for their fashionistas.

Certain Michael Kors fans and commenters who have seen an early preview of the Access smartwatch line, have commented negatively that the new watches were simple and practical. Michael Kors himself commented to these negative commenters, stating that the company wanted to create a customizable watch that would be functional for all their customers.

The new Michael Kors Access smartwatch line is available to purchase on their site and certain retail stores which carry the Michael Kors brand.

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