Michael Kors’s Resort’19 Collection Blends Glamour and Athleisure

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American Designer Michael Kors has debuted his Resort 2019 collection. Many of the pieces are brightly colored with many floral features. Kors states that the collection was inspired by his memories of vacations at the Catalina Beach Club in Long Island. According to Vogue, Kors reportedly based his designs around “his mom and his aunts at the club bare-legged in brocade” wearing what he referred to as “extravagant clothes in a casual way.”

One can certainly see the influence, as much of Kors’s collection seems to encompass this statement. Florals and the color turquoise feature frequently across garments, but they are often paired with bulkier, less delicate details. Such as Birkenstock style sandals, Bermuda shorts, and socks. Overall, the Resort 2019 collection seems to straddle a delicate line between glamourous jet setter and athleisure. We see this as numerous pieces contradict one another; such as a blue shift dress that is reminiscent of the ‘60s versus a clunky windbreaker.

However, Kors has never been a stranger to odd pairings. He himself describes the collection as “a tug of war between the painterly and the graphic.” According to Vogue, he does not believe in “’difficult’ or ‘challenging’ fashion.” The designer has always been geared toward rebelliousness is the sense that his looks have always had an air of sportiveness about them. Therefore, his latest collection is not completely alien from the designer’s previous works. In an interview with WWD, Kors acknowledged his observations of how casual wear plays a large role in women’s lives: “Walk around the Upper East Side. You’re like, wait a minute, is she perpetually exercising? That’s all she does? She only exercises?”

Kors more than anyone knows that many of us see a variety of settings in our day-to-day lives. He understands that as move about, our clothes need to be versatile enough to catch up: “The clothes have to go to a party, go on vacation, go to work.” They must serve a variety of personalities and preferences. The designer notes the appeal his clothes have to many different people, stating “We have three generations of clients.”

The look is a more beach-y look at the Kors-esque eclecticism. In one look, he channels the classically feminine with blue lace, but manages to add a hint of edge with a metallic leather jacket patterned in florals. At another point, he presents us with a white tracksuit paired with heels. Among the most notable looks is a high-collared bejeweled shift dress which, according to Kors, means “you won’t have to pack your jewelry.” This eye-catching piece is paired with an unzipped gray hoodie, once again turning our notion of dressed up versus dressed down on its head.

Amid the array of blues, whites, and silvers; it is clear that this collection in channeling summer. However, to a larger extent, it also channels a sense of sartorial freedom that is, if anything, refreshing.

Featured Image via Flickr/cchana

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