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On September 10th in the hallowed location of Pier59 in New York City, San-Francisco-based Mikelsen continued the high level of quality that is the norm at the series of CAAFD sponsored New York Fashion Week emerging designers showcases. As the next highlighted designer in this series, Mikelsen had to bring his A-game, and this former registered nurse did just that, showcasing sleekness, minimalism and most importantly, a modern flair.

The showcase was produced by noted producer and fashion guru, Resk ‘Que, and had his fingerprints all over the show, featuring excellent lighting and infectious beats and music.

Mikelsen, a native of the San Francisco Bay area, came to New York Fashion Week with something to prove, and following this showcase, he showed the fashion world why he made the jump from nursing to fashion design: he is just that damn good at it.

The colors on display in this showcase ran the absolute gamut, featuring stunning blacks, vibrant whites, stark psychedelic hues, and in the final pieces, stunning shades of gold and pink. The texture work on these pieces were truly a sight to behold as well, with everything having some form of extra texturing, giving the eye something exciting to look at, and complementing the slender frames of the models.

At the conclusion of the showcase, the designer himself, Mike Seneriches, made his way down the aisle, accompanied by the final showstopping design featuring the gold and pink hues. One look at Mikelsen’s face lets you know everything he had to say about how this showcase went: FLAWLESS. The audience believed so as well, giving him a thunderous reception with many flashes of cameras, giving this showcase an absolute air of importance, as it rightly should. Mikelsen’s next collection will absolutely be one to look out for, and we will be covering it! Please check the rest of our coverage of this showcase, there are many more emerging designers who were highlighted at CAAFD’s emerging designers showcase.

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