In January of 2013, a 29 year old man by the name of Stuart Lynn Dunn, pleaded guilty with no contest to two separate felony counts of stalking the famed lustrous actress, Mila Kunis.  One incident involving Dunn waiting in the parking lot of the gym Kunis attended for 3 days in a row, the other, placing Dunn under the radar of the Los Angeles police department when he managed to break into a vacant apartment the star owned and temporarily resided in, after making repeated attempts to reach Kunis  via telephone operator.

Photo by Linxi
Via Flickr/Mila Kunis

Dunn, who was transferred to a psychiatric ward in Pomona, California named Olive Vista Behavioral Health Center after the trial in 2013, has been a patient there for two years, until his recent unforeseen departure at approximately 8 p.m. Saturday, where he was able to maneuver past health center employees, and escape the facility.

Kunis was notified by L.A. police of Dunn’s escape, and Lieutenant Martin Rodriguez of L.A’s sheriff county police department further added that Dunn is of, “No immediate threat.”

Spokeswoman for Olive Vista Behavioral Center, Jeanne Moore, failed to release much to reporters on Dunn, as Federal privacy regulations do not permit the publicity of of a patients records and details. However, she assured that the facility was working with authorities.


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