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Showing up to an event or party with the same outfit as someone? That’s a major no-no in many people’s books. Whenever this major “crisis” happens with celebrities, everyone knows there is going to be a debate of who were is best coming out in the media soon after. No celebrity wants to be the one chosen as looking worse in an outfit than another. Most of the time when celebrities are seen in the same ensemble, it is at a completely different time of the week, month, or even year. So why wear something that has already been seen? Are the ones who wear the look later trying to show that they can pull the look off better?
When Nicki Minaj showed up at Haider Ackermann Womenswear the Fall/Winter fashion show in Paris Fashion Week, many fashion stylists and bloggers began asking those exact questions. Minaj showed up in a half sleeve button up that left open the one side of her chest that, that she covered in a small pasty. The outfit caused such a conversation in the fashion world because of the similarities it had to Lil’ Kim’s iconic purple outfit that she had warn to the 1999 Video Music Awards.
These two celebrities are no friends of each other and have been public with their feud for years. Both have expressed very strong opinions towards each other’s music and have not been shy at throwing some shade back and fourth. So, like any great rapper would do, adding diss to the other in a song is a must. Minaj previously through diss toward Lil’ Kim when she was featured in Beyoncé’s “Flawless” remix. Rumors have flown that Lil’ Kim was going to collab and do a diss track on Minaj, but Kim says she is far the passed the petty stage to even care. Maybe Nicki should take some notes from Kim on this maturity?
Kim also reminisced about this iconic purple outfit, that Minaj is said to copy when she interviewed with Billboard. She reminisced also about how iconic this look was and says she gets comments all the time to bring the look back. So is that what Nicki was trying to do? Maybe she was trying to be as iconic as Kim and have a show stopping statement that people would be still talking about in the next decade.
Even though Kim expressed how great and crazy the outfit was at the time, she knows she should never re-wear anything near it because she is constantly moving forward and updating her looks and music. She never goes back to the same things she did in the past, she wants to keep reinventing her self through her music and her style year after year. So for anyone who tells who to bring back that outfit, she tells them it’s not possible. She’s grown and changed and shifted away from having to have crazy outfits to show who she is.
Nicki Minaj is one for knowing how to reinvent herself when it comes to fashion. She has changed from wearing huge and over the top outfits and wigs to wearing the most elegant gowns and letting her natural self shine. So was this outfit making her take a step backward? Or was it her trying to keep the beef going with Lil’ Kim and prove she can take an iconic look and make it all her own? Whatever Nicki was trying to prove, she sure got people talking. Whether good or bad feedback, this outfit is plastered over all different fashion sites and magazines. Whatever Nicki was trying to prove, she still got the buzz about her rolling and pulled off an amazing look that most people would not be able to.

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