Missguided Wants You To Love Being #InYourOwnSkin

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Contrary to its name, the latest campaign by the British online fashion retailer is anything but misguided; it’s a breath of fresh air following the popular “love yourself” and anti-photoshop movements headed by other brands like Aerie by American Eagle (#AerieReal) and Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty. Missguided’s version of the trending body positivity campaign is called #InYourOwnSkin, a subbranch of their #KeepOnBeingYou movement.

The brand has already been making headlines for their decision to stop photoshopping stretch marks out of models on their website, as well as featuring an ethnically diverse range of mannequins in their UK stores. With their latest campaign, Missguided is once again leading the fashion retail market towards a more realistic, self-loving and self-accepting direction through models that show off various skin aspects that would normally be considered “flaws.”

Image by Misguided

#InYourOwnSkin features 6 girls whose unique beauty, skin types, and body shapes are celebrated rather than photoshopped out as “imperfections”.  Each of the girls have their own distinct stories and looks, proudly putting their freckles, birth marks, stretch marks, acne, burn scars, and belly rolls as part of their beautiful individuality. Whatever their “blemish”, they’re not afraid to show it. Missguided allows them to be the truest of themselves they can be while still rocking their bodies and being viewed as acceptable icons of contemporary fashion.

On their Instagram, Missguided wrote: “Beauty is being completely comfortable with yourself whether that’s aesthetically beautiful or your spirit and your attitudes towards life.” #InYourOwnSkin redefines the model beauty standards put out by the rest of the industry and challenges women everywhere to see their own unique beauty in whatever skin or body that they possess.

Images via Missguided



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