Modcloth to Start Selling Online with Walmart

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The multinational corporation, Walmart, decided to increase their e-commerce market by agreeing to include Modcloth, a women’s clothing brand, as part of the merchandise offered in Walmart’ stores. Modcloth will be sold online at Walmart’s official website

Modcloth is known for their online appearance and they sell clothing that is different from what Walmart’s exclusive clothing lines would typically go for. Already based in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco, Modcloth definitely took a risk when they agreed to sell their collections on Walmart’s e-commerce retail system.

Both Walmart and Modcloth have seized an opportunity to expand to a new customer target market, which will boost their sales. New designers also coming in with Modcloth have the simple task of reaching their goals of selling online, by partnering with Walmart. Modcloth has made the experience of shopping for their apparel much easier by appearing on another brand’s website.

Broadening a new and different approach to marketing will be good for both Walmart and Modcloth. Online shopping is not a thing of the past. It is an easy way for shoppers to know what they are buying without the hassle of going to the store and rummaging through the racks. It can be disappointing when you end up not being able to find what you are looking for.

Modcloth sells to a variety of people, which is useful when you are trying to maximize profits. They also seem to have the same bold statements that I feel Walmart is attempting to achieve. I was on Modcloth’s official website and there was one comment that I enjoyed seeing, and that was, “Confidence comes from within”. I feel as though Walmart embodies that same concept, which makes Modcloth a useful brand for them to sell. They both want the wearer to be confident and have fun with her body (since Modcloth is specific to women), and both Walmart and Modcloth display positivity through their websites and fashion lines in general.

Although, I knew the price range between Walmart and Modcloth was different, I soon found out that Walmart does sell designer pieces! These designer pieces are kind of rustic and I think that they fit the mold of Modcloth and Walmart. Prices range from $79-$1000, but they are items that I do think fit those costs. Walmart did a terrific job of introducing another brand into the online shopping experience. Modcloth will also get to see if they are able to gain a new audience of customers, therefore catering to a fun new experience. Walmart is changing up their routine with the introduction of Modcloth, which is a good way for them to see what changes they can bring to their company.

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