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What are you expecting during New York Fashion Week? Fantastic runway shows, chic garments, or some creative items? Well, Public School designers are joining forces with champagne company Moët & Chandon to design a special bottle collection for fashion week, a surprising move.

Designers including Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne created unique marks for the bottles’ decorations, and they used matte black as the foundation on three bottles of Moët Nectar Impérial Rosé which is the best seller among rosé Champagne in the U.S.

Osborne said, “Like all collaborations, we took what we’re known for and what they’re known for and put it together on a bottle,” and Chow said, “Public School is the antithesis of that…so it was intriguing for us to explore.”

When the Public School’s fall show will be disclosed at 11 a.m. on September 10, these bottles will be displayed at an after party. According to these designers, they have been working on the collaboration with Moët & Chandon for a year, trying to demonstrate their outstanding talents on the fashion week. They even met with Moët & Chandon’s chef de cave, Benoît Gouez, to discuss their ideas for bottle design last year.

Chow revealed, “This season, we wanted to give women’s a bigger platform…It was something we really felt pumped about this season.” It seems women will be main roles for both the show and party. He continued, “…but everything feels like a changing landscape. It’s forcing people to do things that feel right for what their brand is and not follow what the fashion industry has become. That puts us in a very cool space. We can figure out how to connect with the consumer differently and shake things up, whether that is thinking in new ways or going back to what we started out doing.”

On October 1, a 750-ml. bottle retailing for $59.99 will be released, a 1.5-liter magnum selling for $1,200 will also and 3-liter jeroboam for $699 as well will be available in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and other cities as a limited collection.

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