Moschino 2014 – Pop Culture Runway Style


Imagine mixing fifth grade with grad-school, Kool-aid with Grey Goose, Limited Too with Miuccia Prada, SpongeBob with Moschino, hello! Welcome to the new haute couture.

Moschino has truly revolutionized the runway with a remarkable spring/summer 2014 collection featuring the best of American culture. For example, meet the SpongeBob hot pants and McDonalds inspired collection. How would you like to wear a Hershey’s mermaid dress, or a ball gown that displays nutrition facts?

The new Moschino line strives to poke fun at mass consumerism and corporate culture, especially food. It finds inspiration in the production line, the fast food restaurant and the crappy television show you watched on Saturday mornings.

There are probably few moments when you can actually wear the Moschino line, but who never dreamed of wearing a sexy tutti frutti-inspired floor-length gown? Or a popcorn sandal? Moschino transcends fashion and delves into societal issues with this new line. It is worth considering for many reasons. Take a look!


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